Commercial Property Services in Southern California

Underpressure Powerwashers Inc. has perfected the profession of pressure washing. Our range of pressure washing services gives us the winning edge your property deserves. Underpressure Powerwashers Inc. utilizes hot water pressure washers along with water to properly clean all types of surfaces while properly reclaiming and . Our superior equipment enables us to service sidewalks, buildings, parking structures, and shopping centers.

Commercial Building Washing Examples:

Building exteriors, sidewalks and plazas, parking garages and lots, driveways and pavers, awnings, decks, courtyards, outdoor patios, walkways, garage floors, loading docks, graffiti removal

Commercial Power Washing Surface Examples:

Ceramic tile, aluminum, vinyl, steel, painted and unpainted wood, brick, stone, concrete and shingles

Let Us Solve Your Common Business Challenges

Gum, grease or other unsightly, unsafe substances on your sidewalk or at your entrance
Stained building exterior, signage or awning
Rust or other mineral stains
A greasy, dirty dumpster area where employees or passengers-by could slip and injure themselves
Unsightly white stains (effloresence/lime run) appearing on your masonry work
Offensive graffiti anywhere on your building