Why Use Underpressure Powerwashers Inc?


Underpressure Powerwashers Inc is the leader in Power Washing, Pressure Washing, Exterior De-ionized Window Washing, Graffiti Removal, Power Sweeping, and Parking Lot Sweeping. We provide our Commercial Services in the following counties: San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange County

Variety Of Projects And Services We Provide:

While Underpressure Powerwashers Inc specializes in building washing and flatwork; we also provide more unusual services such as indoor vacuum recovery, graffiti removal, power sweeping, wash water reclamation, filtration, and recovery.

We Are Nationally Recognized:

Underpressure Powerwashers Inc. was featured on the cover of Cleaner Times Magazine in May, 2010, and mentioned in The Pressure Cleaning Marketing Bible. Co-Author of the "Bible," Allison Hester, writes that Underpressure Powerwashers Inc "has a strong reputation for quality and environmental compliance." We are 100% compliant with the California State Water Rules and have our very own state of the art vacuum recovery and filtration system.

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